Veronika Szendrő

Initiation II., 2019

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The topic of my videos are mainy conceptual. My intention is to find the roots of  transcendency. I examine different kinds of religions and the first spiritual rituals of humanity. I research the cognitive abilities of the human brain and examine the process of perception while experiencing sacred phenomena. The essence of my researches creates the topics of my art pieces.  I create video installations as well.

Place of Birth: Szeged (HUN)
Date of Birth:  16.08.1990.
Currently living and working in Budapest (HUN)


2016-2017  Szellemkép Photo School, Budapest, Hungary 
2010-2015  University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts Sculpture Department, Pécs, Hungary
2013  Universtiy Exchange program Nazareth College Faculty of Arts, Rochester, New York, USA


2019 Catechism on Air - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2018 Initiation - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)


2019 Loop Video Art Fair, Hotel Almanac, Barcelona (SP)

2019 One in a Million, Brody Studio, Budapest (HUN)

2018 MIA International Photography and Moving Image Art Fair - Milan (ITA)

2018  Groping in the Dark - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017  Art Market Budapest 2017- Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN)

2017 Outside the Box - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017  Artzond Conceptual Video Festival, Saint Petersburg (RU)

2016  One Phase, more component - MUSZI, Budapest (HUN)
2015   Stockholm Fringe Festival - Studio 44, Stockholm, (SWE)
2015   Art Market Budapest  2015 - Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN)
2015   Inside Out - Ani Monár Gallery, Budapest, (HUN)
2015   Degree show - M21 Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)
2015   Selfs - Nador Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)
2014   Art Market Budapest 2014- Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN)
2013   Oh, Good Lord - Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, IL (USA)
2013   Student Showcase - Gallery of the Arts and Cultural Council, Rochester, NY (USA)
2013   aLIVE Urban Art Show - Vibe Gallery, London (UK)
2012   First Steps - House of Arts, Pecs (HUN)


Are Influencers the Artists of the 21st Century, IN: http://www.mymuseum.co/blog_02Influencer, 2019

ASMR Series - The Seven Deadly SIns, Gula, 2019

ASMR Series - The Seven Deadly SIns, Luxuria, 2019