All along the Metro Line 3 of Budapest, a plastic fantastic experience takes place everyday. Bright colours and sinuous shapes are placed in one of the most depressing areas of the city, reminding us of an imaginary, futuristic past.

"Blue Line" is a piece of the collective memory that has been left out in the public spaces of Budapest, now so alienated from the present moment that one could think it is an art installation, not real urban furniture.

The deliberate, timeless aesthetic of the images exposes an obvious confrontation between brightness and darkness, past and present. At the same time it pushes the observer to wonder: How much things have changed after all?


Blue Line 07
TITLE:  Blue Line 07
ARTIST:  Val, Isabel
DATE:  2017
EDITION:  1/100
  • digital photo on a digital frame
  • printed digital photo A3
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