The artwork is made by 'we work hard on a big plan' collective (members: Anna Rubi, Eirini Sourdiaki)

The word empatheia originally from the ancient Greek empathis is a Hellenistic word used to describe the “intense pathos”, evolved to “wickedness”, negative or hostile attitude in prejudice. The word came to the English language to denote “the participation to the pathos” (pathos with the meaning of suffering), to the misery of the other up to a point of total identification, and eventually the compassion. The use of the word itself came to a point meaning exactly the opposite of its ancient Greek original. In an etymological sense, empathy is a paradoxical phenomenon, so as trying to relate to the pain of another body. Could we ever feel the same pain, like the others? Departing from Susan Sontag’s essay title “Regarding the pain of others” and commissioned by the Z+ Showroom (Zurich University of the Arts) in 2016, the work is a post-ironic comment on empathy as luxury.

TITLE:  Forever Royalties
ARTIST:  Anna Rubi
DURATION:  60 sec
DATE:  2016
  • digital video on a digital frame
The prices do not include the digital frame. Further info on frame costs HERE.